Related SGML/XML Links

SGML home page
Information on SGML. See the software section for a plethora of useful tools.
W3 page
General information on Web-related standards and technology. Specifically, see the XML page.
Jim Clark's Home page
A publically available SGML parser (with source code) used as the basis of our system.
Editing SGML mode for emacs.
PSGML is an major-mode for Emacs for editing SGML documents and DTD files. We will prepare bindings for the S-specific elements/tags for this and ESS editing mode. Also, html-helper-mode is a mode for editing HTML documents with support for customization the known tags, etc.
Emacs mode for editing DTDs
This contains support for editing DTDs in emacs and an Elisp function for generating a TAGS file for DTDs for easy location of definitions within DTDs. (Note that this function is currently case sensitive and ENTITY and ELEMENT keywords must be capitalized in order to be recognized in the command.) But then Esc-. <tag-name> will jump to the spot.

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